Herding, stamina and guarding instincts

Australian Shepherds

In the fall, Aussie puppies appear alongside their mothers, ready for new homes. These intelligent dogs are available only in an AKC marketplace, where registered litter breeders, such as Byron Saeman at R-Time Ranch, follow the rules for care and raising these Australian Shepherd puppies.


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Strong Instincts
An intelligent working dog on R-Time Ranch, the canine's strong, inbred instincts of herding, stamina and guarding definitely make Aussies one of the best dogs to qualify as man's best friend. Despite their Aussie name, Basque ranchers developed the breed in the western U.S. in the 19th century.

Colors of Distinction
The Aussie's four colors of distinction are black, blue merle (gray-silver marbling), red (cinnamon) and red merle (marbling of red, silver, or buff).

The Australian Shepherds is dutiful, lively and agile. Temperament varies from energetic to mild, with all Aussies needing good physical and mental stimulation. Extremely loyal, Australian Shepherds will want to be by your side at all times, waiting for the next command or gesture to go play or herd.

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