100% Natural Beef Gourmet Bones

Natural Raw or Smoked, Dogs Love 'em

Gourmet raw or grilled dog bones are a chewy way to gratify your dog's inborn need to be a dog and just chew as part of a balanced canine life.

Femur and knuckle bones by Chef Byron are a healthy, safe treat for dogs because they do not splinter.

Gourmet Bones

These marrow bones provide entertainment for dogs, remove tartar and plaque, and strengthen teeth and gums.

Teething puppies especially like to chew, and natural gourmet bones are a good way to train a pup that the bones are a better choice than your Nikies.

Gourmet Bones - Raw

Dogs deserve more than a hum-drum day. Train them to look forward to a bone time to relieve boredom and anxiety.

And, might we add, the bones were prepared in a clean, health department-standards kitchen, so they are suitable as marrow soup bones for people, too.

Chew on that idea the next time you want to make a gourmet beef soup base.

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Barbecued Bones