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R-Time Ranch blends a unique working ranch with countryside charm for your memorable events

Providing an extraordinary location with exemplary services, privately-owned R-Time Ranch remains committed to serve as the area's finest venue for catered weddings, corporate events, reunions, parties and more.

Wedding and event reservations begin in April 2019.

Pedigree Animals
Lush, flat fields not only provide a gathering place for weddings, but separate fenced areas corral the Ranch's unique showcase — miniature silky fainting goats, docile St. Croix sheep and intelligent Aussies that skillfully work to herd sheep.

Many of the animals are for sale. The animals are backed by pedigree and registration documents to ensure that your purchase upholds your expectations for the best-of-breed value.

In southeast Thurston County off Highway 507 at 6420 Skookumchuck Rd SE, Tenino, Wash., R-Time Ranch borders the Skookumchuck River, backed by a foothill mountain milieu. The ranch is about 20 minutes by car from Centralia, and about 30 minutes each from Olympia and Yelm.

About the Name
So how did R-Time Ranch get its name and what does it mean?

Coming up with a name, we though of Skookumchuck River Ranch, but that was just too long, let alone the spelling. Sheep Goat Wedding Ranch was just not cool. And Patchwork Farms was already taken.

So along came R-Time Ranch. At first glance on a drive by, the R might bring to mind the word ouR. That works just fine. But with a little imagination, it could also stand for Reception, Recreation, Rest, Rustic, that is, whatever comes to mind that paints a picture of a great venue for you.

Of course, if you add the R to you, this is what R-Time Ranch is really all about. It's youR memorable event venue (or youR place to obtain pedigree and registered animals).

After all is said and done, you "R" the most important part of this special place in the country, R-Time Ranch.


R-Time Ranch